MAGICapp helps and guides administrators and authors through the process of planning, authoring and publishing medical guidelines according to standards for trustworthy guidelines. Currently being used by many medical organizations around the world including the BMJ, the Australian Stroke Foundation, the Norwegian Diretorate of Health, and many more.

Visit the MAGICapp website to learn more.

Key Technologies: Java, Spring, ElasticSearch, Mysql, Redis, Hibernate, JPA, OAuth, AWS, JavaScript, Dojo, Less, HTML5

Second Bridge

Second bridge tablet

Second bridge dialog

Second Bridge is a statup-up whose mission is to design, develop and commercialize fleets of communicating objects intrinsically NLOS geolocation. The operation object is not based on any external resource and in particular no communication infrastructure.

Key Technologies: Typescript, SASS, HTML, WebGL, Java, Cassandra, MySql, Kafka, AWS

Tarantula AI

tarantula AI logo Tarantula AI is a patent pending, 360 VR-capable, AI driven 2D-to-3D conversion tool for media publishers and VFX producers, developed by 2 leading universities.

Key Technologies: Python, Matlab, Keras, Tensorflow

Hello Sales

Hello Sales is pricing intelligence for merchants, regardless of where and how they sell. Hello Sales pulls transaction data automatically and pushes out actionable insights so merchants can price better and ultimately sell more, without the overhead of Excel or complicated analytics software

Key Technologies: Python, Django, JavaScript, Angular, HTML5, AWS, RabbitMQ, Redis, MySql


StockTouch was an award winning stock market visualization application for the iPhone and iPad. The company has been disovled due to financial issues. Here's a video that shows off the app.

Key Technologies: Java, Spring, Cassandra, AWS, iOS